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Jack Micci Evangelist/Soloist
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          I am an Evangelist /Soloist with a burning desire to share the good news with others through song and testimony, with a strong use of the scriptures to relate to each songs message. 
          I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior through the television preaching of Jim Henry at First Baptist Church of Orlando on April 27th, 1980. Five years later on April 27th, 1985 Jim Henry married me to a wonderful woman Kathy. In1994, the Lord added a beautiful Daughter Maria Michelle. I received a degree in horticulture and have worked with plants for 42 years. God has used my skills as a horticulturalist and naturalist to reveal himself to me especially through the parables of the vine and the branches, the soils, the weeds, and the growing wheat. This background has allowed me to use these principles to win many people to Christ.

          The four passions of my heart in performing a gospel concert or speaking to a group is not just to entertain but to first see the lost come to Christ, second, to encourage and motivate Christians to come out of their comfort zones and out of the church pews and discover and use all the gifts God has given them to glorify him. The third passion is to motivate Christians to learn how to share their faith and to put it into practice in their daily lives. For the past 40 years, through my own daily life, in the alter counseling ministry at my church, in weekly televised services as a telephone counselor and through the Evangelism Explosion training program at my church. God has allowed me to lead over 500 people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.. Also through Evangelism Explosion I have trained over 50 people how to share their faith. I have watched God take shy people and turn them into confident evangelists. The fourth passion of my heart is to motivate people to live out Romans 12:1-2 and be transformed by the renewing of their minds by memorizing and meditating on the scriptures. I started memorizing verses, then phrases, then chapters, and finally full books of the bible. This action is what transformed my life and has allowed God to use me in so many ways. If your religion does not change you, then change your religion. God has taken a shy introvert and turned my weakness into his strengths and he can do the same for every Christian if they will let him live through them. 

          I would love to come and be part of your church services or special event. I am excited about what God can and will do.. 

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